Gunnella Photography

Never one to leave the camera behind, I find that beauty tends to be a moment captured, an instance when the light and surroundings come together to create the perfect image regardless of the starkness of the circumstances. Hence I tend to favour urban surroundings, hoping to look outside of the frame of prettiness and to discover purity and symmetry in a colourful dumpster or a puddle.

That being said, plenty of the images I present here veer towards the traditional, especially the ‘scapes’ ones. Wherein light plays a pivotal role yet the object pictured is one of typical photographic focus.

Weddings again form a category of their own, where apart from the standard posed shots, I believe the importance is on capturing the feel of the day, the moments and the joy.

Thank you for taking the time to view my work. All the fine art photos present are available to be purchased, the standard size being 8*10in mounted but various options are available. So please be in touch to discuss options such as for instance frame-mounted canvas prints, should something strike your fancy.

mobile: 07594321926